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Kindergarten Early Literacy - Concepts of Print

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 When reading a book to your young children, you can help them learn how books "work" by pointing out some text features that may not be apparent to them.  This will help your child as he/she learns to read independently. 

Concepts of Print

•         Purpose of print

•         Different forms of print

•         Relationship between print and the spoken word

•         How to hold a book

•         How stories work (fiction - setting, characters, problem, solution; nonfiction - main idea and supporting details)

•         Concept of word

•         Difference between a word and a letter

•         Parts of a book (cover, title page; nonfiction - captions, labels, glossary, index, etc.)

•         Directionality - (left to right across the page, return sweep - going to the next line of print)

•         Difference between upper and lowercase letters

•         Punctuation (different types, form, and use)