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Math Resources

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Please explore and enjoy these math sites!

Numbers & Operations
First in Math Direct link to electronic 24 program.
Numbers & Place Value
Place Value Guided info to trillions.
Other Number Systems Number systems info.
Estimation Contraption Compute using estimation.
Can You Say Really Big Numbers? Create & read large numbers.
Place Value Puzzler- Medium, Hard, Super Brain Level Place value & rounding game.
One False Move- Medium or Hard Level Ordering integers.
Operation Order Use order of operation with integers.
BasketMath Interactive game all operations & other topics.
Speedy Sums Add to reach the target sum.
Multiplication & Division
MathCar Racing Multiplication of integers.
Math Baseball Practice of multiplication & division.
Batter's Up Baseball Newest addition & multiplication baseball.
Math Mayhem Fast paced practice.
60 Second Flashcards Practice basic facts with electronic flashcards for 60 seconds.
Math Magician- Hard Level. Work Backwards Strategy with operations.
Race the Wangdoodles Challenge a friend to practice your facts & percent of a number.
All Division Interactive practice with division facts, division of fractions & decimals.
Factor Game * Factor challenge from Connected Mathematics.
Electronic Fraction Pieces Work with parts & wholes to learn about fractions.
Electronic Fraction Bars Explore fractions & equivalent fractions with bars.
Visual Fractions Practice by seeing fractions.
Equivalent Fractions * Create your own equivalent fractions. (NCTM)
Pizza Explore creating fractions with pizza.
Who Wants Pizza? * C. Lanius's self-help lessons on equivalency & fractional operations.
Melvin's Make a Match Use equivalent fractions to sort potion bottles.
13 Ways of Looking at 1/2 Try Dr. Marble's brain teaser from Cyberchase.
Addition Like denominators.
More Addition Unlike denominators.
Even More Addition Mixed numbers.
Fractions Topics From basic fractions to multiplication & division.
Mission Magnetite Relationship between fractions & percent.
Balloon Invaders II Find percent of a number to save the planet.
Fraction Frenzy Equivalent fractions.
Soccer Shootout Whole number &/or fraction game with basic operations.
Base Block Decimals Work with base ten blocks to add & subtract decimals.
Sleuths on the Loose Game using measurement & ratios.
Measure It! Medium & Hard Level Measuring with inches & centimeters, including fractions.
Metric Conversions Calculate metric conversions.
Animal Weigh In Balance customary & metric weights on scale.
Point of View View solids from 3-D to 2-D.
Tangram Solve various tangram puzzles.
More Tangrams Variety of interactive puzzles.
LaForgia's Tangrams Even more puzzles.
Tessellation Town Explore tessellations.
RoboPacker Help robots by using translations, reflections, & rotations.
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Quilting Bee Electronic quilting with log cabin pattern.
Shape, Space, & Measure: Angles Explore angles.
What's My Angle? Explore angles using an electronic protractor.
Star Gazing Estimate angle measure in game format.
Pattern Blocks Explore pattern blocks.
Geometry Center Explore shapes, patterns, & symmetry.
Surface Area & Volume Explore solid's surface areas & volume electronically.
Sugary Shapes Explore cylinder's volume & surface area.
Zap the Aliens Locate the correct x & y coordinates to capture the aliens.
Algebraic Concepts
Number Cracker Solve the number patterns.
Late Delivery Find the value of expressions.
Equation Match Match equivalent equations.
Calder's Balancing Acts Balance algebraic equations with Calder's mobiles.
Number Ladder Game Climb the ladder by creating equations.
Data Analysis & Probability
Create a Graph Create bar graph, pie chart, line graph.
Data Picking Create frequency chart & graph data.
What are Your Chances? Explore outcomes with dice.
Word Search Uses statistical terms.
Math Terms
Math Glossary Interactive for grades 1 -6
Math Mystery Words Check math term knowledge.
Kids Math Dictionary Interactive.
Homework Help
A+Math: Homework Help Checks work with basic operation.